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Terms and Condition

Fees vary according to the room chosen and the dependency needs of the resident. The final charges will be decided following assessment of needs and the choice of room. The following charges are a guide only and include food and laundry. Most requests for specific items can be met, a charge for which may be applied.


Single room with en suite toilet and hand / wash basin £425 £700
Double room with en suite toilet and hand / wash basin (shared facility) £400 £650


Single room with en suite toilet and hand / wash basin £500 £900
Double room with en suite toilet and hand / wash basin (shared facility) £425 £850)

It is stressed that the above fees are a guide only. Hyperion House has many different sized rooms, some with doors to the garden, and consequently there is a differing range of fees.
Some rooms have to be accessed by steps.
Room keys can be provided to lock your accommodation upon request, although for safety reasons a copy will be held by the Home.

Personal Possessions

All rooms are fully furnished, but residents are encouraged to bring as much of their own furniture as possible. We are more than happy to put up shelves and as many picture hooks as necessary to make the room homely and comfortable for the individual.
Residents are advised on admission that valuables retained are their own responsibility. They must arrange their own insurance for any items of value. A key is available for a locked facility in the room and the door to the room may be locked. We do hold a master key for safety reasons.

Needs Assessment

To ensure that Hyperion House can meet the needs of prospective residents, a member of the skilled staff team will visit, where practical, and assess care needs prior to admission. Prospective residents are encouraged to visit the Home with their families and, if possible, spend some time with other residents and staff.

Meeting Needs

Resident care plans will be jointly agreed following a full assessment. A key worker will be appointed and will be a contact point for the resident and their family. Residents are able to retain their own GP if the practice agrees. However, there is a local practice and the GP holds a regular weekly surgery at the Home. Emergency visits are made as required. Medications are supplied by Pharmacy Plus.

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